The Simple TikTok Captcha Solver API.

Empowering automation developers to bypass any TikTok captcha with little to no code. Get unblocked today.

Automatically Crack Any TikTok Captcha


Puzzle Slide

The puzzle slide challenge often shows up while browsing TikTok, making web scraping impossible.


Rotate Images

The rotate challenge almost always appears at login. This will make your bot stop running if not addressed.


3D Shapes

The shapes challenge is difficult for a script to get past, but SadCaptcha knows what to do.

Easy Integration for Fast-Moving Businesses

Our Python library integrates seamlessly with Selenium and Playwright. It can be installed by running pip install tiktok-captcha-solver.

If you are not a Python user, you can still make calls directly to our API. It is well-documented and our team will provide support for your integration.

Not a programmer? We provide a Chrome extension that will handle all the Captcha's without requiring a single line of code.
testimonial quotation for sadcaptcha
  • I'm glad to inform you that your solution helped me. So yeah, now my script is working the way it should and I'm just super thankful. Overall I am also pretty much impressed by SadCaptcha's tool, as I got to see it successfully solve many tests now... Again, huge kudos.

    Arman Ajith, SadCaptcha user

  • Solved the captchas perfectly, been looking for something like this for a long time!

    Moh, SadCaptcha Extension User

  • I received this tool for testing and reviewing. The seller was very helpful and had the patience to address all my requirements. I was quite impressed by the auto-captcha feature that works very smooth.

    "Mr. Spuf", Beta Tester

TikTok Captcha's Are Nothing To Cry About

Trusted By 300+ Developers And Businesses

  • High Success Rate: All challenges are successfully solved 98% of the time.
  • Instant response: We use an advanced AI computer vision algorithm which solves and responds instantly.
  • Versatile: You can integrate SadCaptcha with any automation framework.
  • Excellent Support: We recognize that automation can be tough, and provide top-tier support to help with your code integration.
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When purchasing 2,500 solutions


When purchasing 250,000 solutions


When purchasing 1,500,000 solutions


When purchasing 3,000,000 solutions
  • Scale as needed: Adjust the quantity of solutions you require at checkout.
  • Delivered instantly: After checkout, you will receive your API key and credits will be added to your account.
  • Test at no cost: You will receive a test balance of 25 API credits when you register.

Take your TikTok automation and web scraping efforts to the next level. Bypass the rotate, puzzle, and 3D image challenges and get unblocked today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Puzzle captcha is 100% accurate, Rotate is 98% accurate, and 3D Shapes is 98% accurate.

Please refer to the API reference. Also check out the repository and code examples, which you can translate and adapt to your programming language.

Not at all! Other providers will give you specific coordinates to click, which can be inconsistent based on what device you're using. But our API responds in terms of ratios, which are universal across all devices.

The Python client can be installed using pip install tiktok-captcha-solver. Check out the repository to view the code and examples.

You can check out our git repository for code examples. code examples.

We recorded an example of us solving the TikTok rotate challenge which you can watch here. We also recorded a video of us solving the 3D Shapes challenge which you can watch here.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. You'll hear back from us in one business day.